Achievement Celebration for the One Million Barrels of Crude Oil Production at AJK Field –

Friday, 11th April 2015

MTC Engineering Sdn Bhd was awarded by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd a contract on the 21st September 2012 of which MTC Engineering was required to complete and deliver a system from riser porch at the well head platform up to the extended well test tanker from Kayu Manis South East (KMSE) and Anjung Kecil (AJK) field.  The extended well test, Nautica Muar tanker was ready to start up a year later on 21st September 2013. On 1st march 2014, it was demobilized to AJK field and the project achieved its first oil on 21st July 2014.

The high-tea ceremony which was held on the 11th April 2015 at the Malaysian Petroleum Club, level 42, KLCC. It was a celebration of an achievement, the One Million Barrels of Crude Oil Production at AJK field, Sarawak. We hit the one million barrels production on the 18th January 2015 and since then we have been producing around a total of 1.4 million barrels of crude oil.

This celebration is to show our appreciation to those who had involved in this project since the beginning until now. Among of the invited guests who attended this ceremony were Encik Mazuin B Ismail (Vice President, Technical Global Division), and Nora’in Bt Md Salleh (Project Manager) from  Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Encik Asbullah Adnan and Encik Azhar Kasan from SME Bank and MTC staffs.